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Going For Gold


On your marks, set, Goooooooing for Gold. The Officers embark on a relay to Mount Olympus. Talcing themselves into tight shorts and sweaty vests, the Officers put themselves through an Olympian training montage in preparation for the  XXX Olympiad. Taking firm grip of baton and dreaming of their place on the podium. Taking London by storm they wiggle, jiggle and Fosbury Flop to the Top. Pushed hard to their limits by Coach Daley Thompson’s tache’, you can be sure the people shall never forget the athletic endeavour of the MSPD. (Which can all be translated to four Officers sitting on their rotund butt cheeks scoffing Donuts and staking out sporting movies about the Olympic Games.)

Stakeouts: Miracle, Animalympics, Chariots of Fire, Cool Runnings





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